Accessible: Trade instantly from anywhere. No account creation required. Don't give up your personal information.

Professional: Create powerful leveraged and short positions with stop-loss, market, and limit orders.

Secure: Borrow, Trade, and Lend securely through the expertly designed and professionally audited Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Your trading experience is important to us and here are our promises to you.

Security Above All

Our exchange is compliant to the highest security standards and your private key never leaves you. Arsa Exchange takes security to a whole new level. Peer-to peer transfers and trades mean virtually zero exposure to security threats.

innovation at Our Core

Our committed team is continuously designing new ways to enhance your trading experience.

You Are in Charge

Be in full control of your funds. Trade by simply connecting your wallet.

Liquidity For More Markets

Liquidity & Beyond : in addition to stable coin markets, our architecture allows us to borrow liquidity from sources outside traditional decentralized finance space. We offer a range of liquidity options for trading on the Ethereum network.

Advantages: Sourcing liquidity from larger sources yields tighter spreads, greater depths, less slippage, and more robust liquidations for our markets.

Arsa Exchange

You can use videos, images and text.

Arsa Exchange

No Sign-ups

Make trades without giving up your personal information.

No Deposits

Save time, avoid fees, and maintain custody of your tokens.

Easy Wallet Integration

Integrate your existing Ethereum wallets with a single click.

On-chain Settlement

Track every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

Arsa Exchange

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